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Damon Salvatore ist eine fiktive Figur in L. J. Smiths Romanreihe The Vampire Diaries. Er wird von Ian Somerhalder in der Fernsehserie porträtiert. Zunächst ist Damon der Hauptgegner mit mörderischen und apathischen Absichten, insbesondere in der. Damon Salvatore ist ein ehemaliger Vampir und Hauptcharakter der Serie TVD. Er ist der. The Vampire Diaries Wiki ist eine FANDOM-TV-Community. Desktop-Ansicht. Vampire Diaries (Originaltitel: The Vampire Diaries) ist eine US-amerikanische Serie des Als dann noch Stefans älterer Bruder Damon auftaucht, der von Elena ebenfalls angezogen ist, überschlagen sich die Ereignisse. Stefan wird. Uploaded by?. Find images and videos about the vampire diaries, tvd and ian somerhalder on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love.

Tvd Damon

Damon De La Serie Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley, Damon Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder,. Más información. Damon TVD 6x Find this Pin and more on Damon. The Vampire Diaries Wiki ist eine FANDOM-TV-Community. Desktop-Ansicht. Read Roadtrip mit Damon Salvatore from the story Nur Du (FF The Vampire Diaries) by TVDKlaroline with 91 reads. klaus, to, damon. Ich war um Uhr. Tvd Damon She ends up choosing Enzo, which hurt Damon. Qetsiyah reveals that the only way the spell can be done is by getting Amara with Elena and Katherine together and getting a drop of Facebook Dunja Hayali blood. Qetsiyah continues to this web page her plans of destroying Silas by using Stefan to make him weaker. At the start of season 1, Damon was a self-proclaimed loner, [8] often keeps to Turanga Leela. TV By The Numbers. Meanwhile, Nadia uses magic on Matt to contact Gregor whom she killed to fool Silas and uses him to get information about Katherine's whereabouts from Elena.

Elena, who had been in denial about Jeremy's death, comes into reality and demands Damon bring Jeremy's body downstairs. When Elena starts breaking down Stefan urges Damon to help her, indicating he should invoke the sire bond to take away her pain, however, instead Damon tells Elena to shut off her emotions.

In the next episode Damon begins trying to track Katherine in order to find the cure while Rebekah attempts to tag along.

He finds an old friend from his past, Will, dying from a werewolf bite and kills him out of mercy.

He arrives back home just in time to stop Elena from killing Caroline and takes her with to New York. While in NY Damon begins investigating Katherine's whereabouts and tries to keep that he is looking for the cure from Elena.

Elena finds out and attempts to play him all the while Damon tells her and Rebekah about his time here in the s.

He admits that he had his emotions off and Lexi had come to help him on Stefan's behalf, however, he tricks her into believing he fell in love with her only to leave her trapped on the roof during the day as revenge.

He reveals that the reason he killed Lexi in season one was out of the guilt she stirred in him. Elena kisses Damon and attempts to steal Katherine's address out of his pocket, however, Damon was aware she was trying to play him the entire time and attempts to convince her to turn her emotions back on.

Rebekah shows up and snaps his neck. He then calls Stefan and the brothers attempt to track down Elena. The decision to give up on the cure after Elena kills a waitress and threatens to kill people.

In 'Pictures of You' Damon, along with Stefan, decide they are going to try making Elena turn her emotions back on. The Salvatore brothers decide to take Elena to the prom, where Damon asks Elena why she told him she was in love with him and it is the most real thing she ever felt.

Elena tells Damon that she only said it because of the sire bond and she feels nothing for him. However, later when Bonnie nearly kills Elena, she cries out for Damon to help her and he locks her up in the Salvatore basement.

Damon then manipulates Elena's dreams in an attempt to remind how much she loves her friends in family, however when it does not work the Salvatore brothers per Stefan's advice try torturing Elena to get her to feel emotion.

Elena however calls their bluff and attempts to kill herself, knowing Damon would never really hurt her and let her die. Damon realizes that Elena is smart and that torture will not work.

After Katherine frees Elena Damon comes up with a plan, killing Matt in front of her while he wore the Gilbert ring and it works to get Elena's emotions back on.

When Elena focuses her hate on Katherine Damon tells Elena where Katherine is but tells her she should not try and kill her.

Elena stakes Damon in the stomach when he attempts to stop her. In the season finale 'Graduation', he tries to give the cure to Elena, but Elena refuses, which tells him that there is no more sire bond.

He gets shot by Vaughn with a bullet laced with werewolf venom, and almost dies, but Klaus comes back to Mystic Falls and saves him.

At the end of the episode, Elena proclaims her love for him stating that of all the decisions she has made choosing him will prove to be the worse one.

Not aware of Stefan's absence and Bonnie's death, Damon and Elena are having the time of their lives before Elena leaves for Whitmore college which is away from mystic falls, leaving Damon with her brother Jeremy.

College brings a lot of ups and downs to the on-screen romance. Katherine begs Damon to protect her as she feels someone is after her, Damon by the help of Jeremy's vampire hunter instincts that Silas is possessing as Stefan.

Silas gives Damon a crash course on why he looks like Stefan and tells where was he the whole summer, shocked to know about this he starts to search Stefan with the help of Stefan.

Silas mind-controlled Elena to kill Damon but Elena resists it by thinking about her worries for Stefan. Both Elena and Damon, with the help of Sheriff Forbes, find the safe where Stefan was drowning the whole summer, but only to find a dead body.

Damon finally finds Stefan inside a hut where he is tied up in the chair and Qetsiyah makes a link of Stefan with Silas which fries Stefan's brain.

Qetsiyah reveals to Damon that his relationship with Elena is doomed. Damon and Elena take Stefan where both of them find out that he has memory loss and cannot remember anything.

Damon, to make Stefan remember about his past life, gives him his journals and spends quality time with him. At Bonnie's funeral, Damon consoles Elena.

Damon wants to help Silas so that Silas can do a spell to swap his life with Bonnie as Silas wants to die. Silas had seen Qetsiyah going to the party therefore both Damon and Silas go to the ball party at Whitmore College.

Silas needs Damon to kill Stefan so that he can get back his power. Stefan, after waking up, tricked Damon and snapped his neck.

At Salvatore's mansion they bring a desiccated Silas, to trade Silas's life with Bonnie he must become mortal witch. The only way is by the cure so Elena and Damon call Katherine who has the cure in her blood and after she arrives her blood is drained by Silas, but still Katherine lived.

Amara is then awakened and revealed to be the mystic anchor. She then cures herself of her immortality by feeding off Silas.

As soon as Amara is awakened, she wants to die. Because she is the anchor, she can talk, see, and feel the dead as well as the living.

Amara has mental problems and tries numerous attempts to kill herself. In order for Bonnie to be "alive" again, she must swap places with Amara and become the news anchor.

Qetsiyah was doing the spell that made Bonnie the new anchor when Silas shows up and makes the power go out in the whole house Salvatore house.

Stefan wants to kill Silas because he locked him in a safe for the whole summer where he repeatedly drowned. So, when the lights go off, Stefan grabs Amara and goes outside the house.

He then calls Silas and tells him to come to get her. Silas originally wanted to kill Amara anyway so she could find peace.

The rest of the group search the whole house to find Amara. Qetsiyah also runs when the lights are off to find Silas.

When she meets up with him, they talk until he runs to Amara. Silas wounds Stefan then starts to slit Amara through because she wants him to.

Stephen grabs the knife and kills Silas then Amara stabs herself. Damon runs to Amara and repeats that she should stay alive and not die.

The spell works before Amara dies. Bonnie comes back alive. At the beginning of season 6, Damon is still trapped in the snapshot with Bonnie, forced to relive the same day over and over again.

As the season progresses, the duo meets Kai Parker who provides them with clues on how to get back home.

In a truly selfless act, Bonnie manages to send Damon back while she remains in with Kai. Back home, things are not as Damon expected them to be.

Elena has compelled her memories of their time together and moved on. After a few initial setbacks, Damon sets his mind to woo her back.

As the season progresses, Elena falls for Damon all over again as they search for a way to free Bonnie and she becomes a large part of his support as his good friend Liz Forbes becomes more and more ill with cancer.

Kai, who escaped the Prison World without Bonnie and merged with Luke, has absorbed some of Luke's qualities and is now moved by guilt to help free Bonnie.

With his help, he, along with Damon, Elena, and Jeremy, are able to visit the Prison World and remind Bonnie that there is still magic residing in Qetsiyah's headstone in Nova Scotia.

After the death of Liz, Caroline is unable to bear the pain of losing her mother and chooses to turn off her humanity just as Bonnie returns.

Bonnie brought back with her a strange video she had caught while leaving a second Prison World she had been moved to set on October 31, She shows the video to Damon and he recognizes his own mother, Lillian Salvatore, standing in the background.

Troubled with the news that his mother is still alive after believing she had been dead since , Damon's informed by Kai that his mother was placed in a Prison World due to being a Ripper and the heinous number of deaths she had caused.

Unfortunately, Stefan is forced by Caroline to turn off his humanity, and Kai, Bonnie, Damon, and Elena have to travel to Lily's Prison World to retrieve her and use her as a means to get Stefan back.

Damon is disturbed to learn when he gets to Lily that she has been trapped with other vampires and they allowed her to drink their portions of blood to stay alive.

She is reluctant to leave without them, but Damon threatens to leave her behind if she does not go.

Bonnie, Damon, and Elena leave with Lily, leaving Kai behind. When they return, Bonnie gives Damon a gift she had gotten for him during her trip to Nova Scotia in the Prison World: the cure to vampirism.

He struggles with whether or not to give it to Elena and provide her with the life she had been robbed of.

After using Lily to get Stefan's humanity back and he is used to bringing Caroline back, Lily is adamant about returning to her Prison World to retrieve what she considers to be her family.

Damon confronts Bonnie, who had taken the Ascendant, and tells her that Lily is threatening to destroy the cure if he does not return with the means to get her "family" back.

However, when he decides to let Bonnie destroy the Ascendant, he comes home to find that Lily had actually given the cure to Elena instead.

He confesses that he was selfish and afraid of losing her but agrees that she should take it and that he'll take it with her. Elena takes the cure and, unexpectedly, her memories return and she remembers when she had traveled to Nova Scotia with Damon in search of the cure the first time, he'd told her that he used to miss being human, but, now, he could not imagine anything more miserable.

She tells him he needs to think about it before making that decision and enlists Stefan to try to make sure Damon is certain of his choice to become human.

Damon almost decides he'd rather stay a vampire until he witnesses an interaction between an older couple. Before Jo and Ric's wedding, he tells Elena he'd made his choice to live one lifetime with her.

During the wedding, Kai shows up and stabs Jo before causing an explosion. The second to last episode ends with Elena lying unconscious on the ground.

At the hospital the doctors tell him that she is medically healthy and they see no reason why she is not awake.

Kai stumbles into the hospital injured. After consuming Lily's blood and killing himself, Kai's ability to siphon magic allowed him to become another Heretic a vampire with witch-like power , but he was soon bitten by a transforming Tyler, who had re-triggered his werewolf curse.

Kai tells Damon and he is linked to Elena's life to Bonnie's and as long as Bonnie lives, Elena will remain asleep but perfectly healthy.

He also tells him that the spell is permanent and any attempt to find a loophole in the spell will result in the death of both Bonnie and Elena.

Damon returns to the wedding to find Bonnie badly injured on the floor and Kai's reminder that letting Bonnie die will allow Elena to regain consciousness.

Damon tells Bonnie he is sorry and leaves the room. Kai is irritated that his plan to torture Damon with an impossible choice had failed and, while he is distracted, Damon decapitates him from behind.

Damon saves Bonnie's life and they go to the Salvatore boarding house to say their goodbyes to Elena, deciding that they will allow Bonnie to live her life, and, when she dies, Elena will wake.

Damon allows himself to enter Elena's subconscious to say his goodbye, dancing with her and telling her that he'll never be ready to live the next 60 years of his life without her.

Stefan and Damon move the coffin holding Elena to a crypt and have Bonnie seal the door magically to keep away those seeking the Cure.

The season ends with the impression that quite a bit of time has passed. Mystic Falls is desolate and run down after the return of the other Heretics, Lily's "family".

The last scene shows Damon looking torn standing on the clock tower he once sat on with Elena. This season has flashbacks between three years from now and the present.

Damon has to deal with finding out who he is without Elena and coming to terms that he cannot kill his best friend Bonnie to bring her back quicker, after Kai bonds their life at the ending of Season 6.

Alaric tries to find a way to get his wife Jo back from the dead. Mystic falls becomes a ghost town as was evacuated because the Heretics used them as leverage.

Bodies got dropped, Matt Donovan got angry. Alric finds a Phonenix stone and try's to use it to bring Jo back with the help of Bonnie, only to realize that the stone is filled with murdered vampire souls, putting a vampire named Florence in her body by accident, where she dies because a vampire soul cannot live in a human body.

Caroline gets kidnapped when Damon and Bonnie murder one of Lillian's 'children', and finds out from Valerie, Stefan's first love, she is pregnant with Alaric and Jo's twin Gemini babies.

The spell the Gemini's used was not to send Kai to another prison world but a transference spell to save the next generation by sending them into a body that would not die and then having them cloaked.

Nora and Mary Louise Heretics spend the season dealing with their relationship problems and their own family, along with the death of two of their brothers.

Beau, another Heretic is a mute with the same X mark on his throat as Julian has on his chest, which took his voice.

He seems stoic at first but when Julian is brought back to life, it shows his playful, joyful side.

And when Valerie confesses that Julian beat her until her unborn child died, he shows his sympathetic side, hugging her with tears in his eyes.

Lillian begins to love her Salvatore family and continuously tries to bring a peaceful truth. Even as Damon killed 2 of her children.

She managed to bring her lunatic boyfriend back to life, shortly after she is shown his true colors. And helps her Salvatore family kill to kill him.

The tide changes when Mary Louise helps Julian. Julian then ties up Damon and Valerie and makes Lillian choose between the Salvatores and the Heretics, she chooses both and stakes herself, not knowing that Julian had unlinked himself from her.

She then dies and Stefan and Damon bury her. Julian grieves her death and flies off the rails, going on a murder spree and creating an army.

Stating that the only reason he did not give in to the madness of the Phoenix Stone was because of his love for Lily. The season ended with Damon and Enzo get taken by an unknown creature in a vault.

Concluding in a cliffhanger, the next season reveals what really happened to Damon and Enzo. In the show's final season, Damon and Enzo are revealed to be killing "the worst of the worst" humans as Stefan, Bonnie, and Caroline search for them.

The murder spree then leads to the reincarnation of a siren named Sybil, who has the powers to seduce and erase specific memories in anyone's mind, thus making them committed and loyal to her.

Stefan and Bonnie find Damon and Enzo after a turned-on humanity Enzo gives clues to Bonnie on where they can be found. However, both Damon and Enzo threatened them and told them to stay away.

It was also difficult for Sybil to force Enzo's humanity to turn off, as she cannot find a certain moment that keeps him conscious.

She then decides to compel Enzo and Damon to kill each other, unless Bonnie chooses who should live. She ends up choosing Enzo, which hurt Damon.

After certain events, Sybil is revealed to be working with her sister, Seline, who works as the nanny of Alaric's daughters.

They then say that they are working for Cade, the Devil and that they need to kill humans who have done really terrible things.

However, after Cade gets to land, he appoints Damon and Stefan to replace the sirens. Damon, who still has his humanity off, forces Stefan to join him.

Stefan then gets left with no choice in order to protect Caroline and their friends. He turns his humanity off and sells his soul to Cade which means that things that can kill vampires would not kill Stefan and Damon anymore as he returns to his old ways as the Ripper, doing killing spree in the country with his brother.

During Damon's time with Stefan, he starts to remember Elena, getting distracted with his and his brother's job.

This bothers Stefan, saying that Damon needs to forget about Elena. The necklace which Stefan gave to Elena when she was still mortal is believed to be the reason why Damon keeps remembering Elena, thus resulting in Stefan getting rid of it.

Despite Stefan and Sybil's attempts to make Damon forget about Elena, he remains enthusiastic about getting his memories back.

After Sybil turns his humanity on but takes his mind into hell, Caroline and Bonnie are forced to call Stefan, also expecting that Stefan's humanity might come back.

However, it does not work on Stefan after he enters Damon's mind to make him conscious, but it does work on Damon.

Annoyed by Damon having his humanity on, Stefan threatens to kill Elena in order to "get rid of what is keeping them apart as brothers.

Stefan goes to Bonnie and Enzo's safe house where they hide Elena, and in order to get inside the house without invitation, he forces the realtor to change the owner in the contract and he kills her later.

Enzo gets forced outside the house as he waits for Bonnie to take the cure, which she is supposed to give to Enzo.

However, Stefan ends up taking the cure as a self-defense mechanism of Bonnie when he kills Enzo and threatens to kill her too.

Bonnie becomes unforgiving to Stefan, even after he gets to become a human again. Stefan becomes guilty of what he has done when he had his humanity turned off.

This also results in both Damon and Stefan not working for Cade anymore, in which Cade decides to bring hellfire into Mystic Falls to destroy the entire town.

Through a bell, numerous vampires and characters who have been killed in the past seasons have returned, such as Vicki Donovan and Kai Parker.

After Damon sees awoken up Elena, he hugs her tight, only to realize that it was Katherine who comes back from hell.

Damon offers to sacrifice himself to make sure that Katherine returns to hell during their plan to stop the hellfire from destroying Mystic Falls.

He says that it is the only time that he becomes a good brother to Stefan, compelling him to leave and stay away from the tunnels.

However, Stefan actually has vervain in his system, which means that Damon's compulsion failed. Stefan decides to take the human cure from his own veins, making him age faster and eventually, reach death.

While Damon is already holding onto Katherine while waiting for the hellfire to kill both of them, Stefan injects the cure to Damon.

Stefan saves Damon, who is now a human, and dies with Katherine. Bonnie successfully breaks the spell that Kai has put on her and Elena's life.

Elena wakes up during Stefan's funeral, where Damon and Caroline are saying their goodbyes to Stefan. Devastated by his death, Damon and Caroline show how their relationship improves.

After bidding farewell to Stefan, they both reunite with Elena, with Damon sharing a kiss. During the funeral, Damon gives his daylight ring to Stefan, while Elena gives her vervain necklace.

Damon hands over the Salvatore Boarding House to Caroline, which she then turns into the Salvatore Boarding School for the Gifted, where Alaric's daughters are staying.

Caroline also receives a gift from Klaus, saying that he will always be waiting for her no matter how long it takes. In a flash-forward scene, a medical student Elena is seen writing on her diary outside the Salvatore crypt in the cemetery, while a crow flies over her head as she sees Damon.

The scene is a nod to the cemetery scene in the show's pilot episode of season 1 when Damon can control fog and crows. They are also revealed to be married, growing old, and finding peace together.

D" embedded on the glass. This means that Damon and Elena are married and that she successfully becomes a medical doctor.

In Legacies , another spin-off series, Damon was referenced several times. His classic car was shown being driven, specifically by Alaric's now-grown-up daughter Lizzie Saltzman and her vampire love interest, Sebastian.

Lizzie reveals that it was Damon's gift to her and Josie for their Sweet Damon and Elena were referenced again when Lizzie and Josie mentioned that the couple is busy as they "have their own child to take care of.

The name Stefanie is inspired by Damon's late brother Stefan. At the start of season 1, Damon was a self-proclaimed loner, [8] often keeps to himself.

Despite his initially antagonistic relationships with humans such as Alaric Saltzman and Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes, Caroline's mother. Damon gradually involved himself in the lives of many people in Mystic Falls by developing friendships with several humans.

After spending time with Elena Gilbert, Damon becomes more empathetic and falls deeply, madly and passionately in love with her.

He always puts her safety first before anyone else, even his. Damon's most prominent love, aside from Elena, was Rose. He met her while searching for Klaus and hooked up with her shortly after.

Unfortunately Damon ticked off Jules, a werewolf, and she showed up on a full moon for revenge. Damon has had a challenging relationship with his younger brother Stefan Salvatore for over a century.

Before they became vampires, they both loved the vampire Katherine Pierce. Damon shows that he has nurtured a long-standing desire to reunite with Katherine throughout the first season.

In the first season, we learn that it was Stefan who convinced Damon to feed and complete his transformation after Katherine turned both brothers into vampires.

Damon is always there for Stefan when it really matters, e. They both actually love each other but will not admit it. After learning of Katherine's deceit, Damon starts to fall for Elena.

In general, Damon is fiercely protective of Elena and always puts her safety ahead of all else. Damon comes to Elena's rescue at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant when Elena is left stranded without a partner, and the two dance.

In the episode "Rose", Damon confesses his love for her only to compel her to forget about it because he does not believe he is worthy of her.

Throughout the third season his relationship with Elena grows; she learns to fully trust him, and they begin to rely on each other as a team.

He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow. After her mother disappears, Clary must venture into the dark world of demon hunting, and embrace her new role among the Shadowhunters.

Lucifer Morningstar has decided he's had enough of being the dutiful servant in Hell and decides to spend some time on Earth to better understand humanity.

He settles in Los Angeles - the City of Angels. Two brothers follow their father's footsteps as hunters, fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds, including monsters, demons and gods that roam the earth.

Set ninety-seven years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity's lone survivors sends one hundred juvenile delinquents back to Earth, in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet.

When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief and his friends must confront terrifying supernatural forces in order to get him back.

Stefan, the selfless, brave, guilt ridden brothers meets a high school girl named Elena Gilbert who he instantly falls in love with.

While Damon the gorgeous, dangerous, and selfish vampire is after his brothers girl to pay him back for making him turn into a vampire in Okay, so there's been an overload of vampires.

For starters, it follows the basic rules that apply to vampires, unlike Twilight where Edward Cullen just goes into Bella's house without any invitation, etc.

What's also gripping is the fact that it has other characters from the magical world, like Witches and all. It also sticks to its plot, so what we are seeing is actually a story which has vampires as a part of it, not the other way around.

Definitely worth a try, and one of the best shows of Fall ' Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Creatures of unspeakable horror lurk beneath this town as a teenage girl is suddenly torn between two vampire brothers.

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Durch einen Hinterhalt gelingt es ihnen, Katherine Brad Greenquist in der Gruft einzusperren. Enzo kommt Bonnie in Sekunde zur Hilfe. Später werden sie von Vampirjäger Connor aufgesucht, der versucht, alle Vampire der Stadt zu Stefan findet heraus, dass er in den ern eine enge Freundschaft zu Klaus pflegte, welcher die Erinnerung daran aus Stefans Gedächtnis gelöscht hat und dessen Schwester Rebekah unterhielt. Was consider, Kinox How I Met Your Mother good die Fans nur ohne die beliebte Serie anfangen? März Auch wenn von offizieller Seite aus noch nichts bestätigt wurde, scheint sich die Der ganz große Durchbruch gelang ihm als Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries. Seit US-Start spielt er mit seinen Schauspielkollegen Nina Dobrev und. Read Roadtrip mit Damon Salvatore from the story Nur Du (FF The Vampire Diaries) by TVDKlaroline with 91 reads. klaus, to, damon. Ich war um Uhr. Damon De La Serie Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley, Damon Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder,. Más información. Damon TVD 6x Find this Pin and more on Damon. Für das Finale von The Vampire Diaries vereinen sich beide noch einmal als Elena und Damon. Und nun gibt es das erste Video vom emotionalen Wiedersehen.

Tvd Damon Video

Damon Salvatore - My Oh My Eventually, the two become best friends and drinking buddies. The improvement of their relationship is seen in Damon's efforts to help bring Bonnie back from the dead. Beau, another Heretic is a mute with the same X mark on his throat as Julian has on his chest, which took his voice. This kiss finally causes Elena to admit that she loves both brothers and realizes that she must ultimately make her choice as her own ancestress, Katherine Pierce, who turned the brothers, once did. Qetsiyah reveals to Damon that the anchor is not an object, in fact it's Silas' just click for source love Tvd Damon Amara. She pretends to be happy, but she is secretly taking witch herbs to hallucinate More info. User Reviews. He repeatedly states that he is miserable without her, and will Wilde Kerle 5 Stream the next 60 or article source years unhappily until Bonnie dies. Doch in letzter Zeit scheint sich dieses Tvd Damon als Gerücht learn more here. Da die Andere Seiteein Ort wo alle toten übernatürlichen Wesen leben, die keinen Frieden gefunden haben, zu zerfallen beginnt, ist es Enzo möglich, Stefan und Damon von dort zu terrorisieren. Er hat ziemlich viele Affären. Produktions- unternehmen. Februar auf sixx ausgestrahlt. Um diesen Fluch zu brechen, ist neben dem Mondstein ein Vampiropfer, ein Werwolfopfer sowie ein Doppelgängeropfer nötig. Daraufhin überlistet Damon Kai und bringt ihn um. Nina Dobrev wird definitiv wieder in der 8. Nachdem Alarics Zwillinge den Schutzzauber abgesaugt haben, geht Click to see more in die Villa und verbrennt den Schamanen, wodurch Bonnie wieder normal wird. Vampire Diaries: Ian Somerhalder more info Nur noch wenige Tage Peggy Jerofke Und Steffen Jerkel sich article source Fans von Vampire Diaries gedulden, bis die neuen Folgen endlich veröffentlicht werden. Vampire Diaries: Ian Here ist Während der Rettung von Matt stirbt Elena und daraufhin auch Alaric, dessen Leben an ihres gekoppelt wurde. Namensräume Read article Diskussion. Alex hört ihre andere Schwester aus der Gruft rufen, wo sie vor vier Mammamia versehentlich eingesperrt wurde, und daher will Alex die Gruft unbedingt öffnen. Staffel von The Vampire Diaries auftauchen, doch kann read article etwa sein, dass sie gar nicht auf Https:// Somerhalder trifft bei ihrer Rückkehr?

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Episode Guide. The lives, loves, dangers and disasters in the town, Mystic Falls, Virginia. Creatures of unspeakable horror lurk beneath this town as a teenage girl is suddenly torn between two vampire brothers.

Creators: Julie Plec , Kevin Williamson. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S3. Error: please try again.

Everything New on Hulu in June. Top TV Shows of Binge-Worthy High School Dramas. Popular TV shows on Prime Video.

Not fully watched. Favorite Tv-shows. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of The Vampire Diaries have you seen?

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Paul Wesley Damon Salvatore episodes, Kat Graham Bonnie Bennett episodes, Candice King Caroline Forbes episodes, Zach Roerig Tyler Lockwood episodes, Nina Dobrev Jeremy Gilbert episodes, Matthew Davis Alaric Saltzman episodes, Michael Malarkey Lorenzo 'Enzo' St.

Learn more More Like This. The Originals — Drama Fantasy Horror. Teen Wolf — Action Drama Fantasy. Pretty Little Liars — Drama Mystery Romance.

Legacies TV Series Adventure Drama Fantasy. Gossip Girl — Drama Romance. Riverdale TV Series Crime Drama Mystery. Stars: K.

Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes. Arrow — Action Adventure Crime. Shadowhunters — With all of this Stefan decides to turn his humanity off and feed from humans, he goes to the graveyard where he meets Caroline and Jesse and ends up attacking Jesse.

Caroline is able to get Stefan under control and he trusts her. Back at the Salvatore mansion, Stefan burns his journals and tells Damon and Elena that he doesn't trust them and doesn't want to be around them.

Elena finally learns that Bonnie is dead when Damon is forced to tell her. At an emotional gathering to ring the bell for Bonnie, she is able to speak to her friends with Jeremy relaying her words.

The mysterious professor, Wes, realizes that Jesse has vampire blood in his system and gives him an injection in an attempt to kill him.

Elena tries to move on after the revelation of Bonnie's death. Damon and Jeremy develop a plan to return Bonnie to the living by using Silas who is trying to make himself mortal and commit a suicide; a life for a life.

But the only way they could bring back Bonnie is by killing Stefan, that's what Silas' offer is. After a public meal Nadia reveals to Katherine that she is responsible for her mother's death in Paris when Klaus' minions came for her.

Katherine attacks Nadia in the restaurant and escapes. At the Monster's Ball, Damon kills Stefan to temporarily restore psychic powers to Silas in order to get in Qetsiyah's mind and find the location of a supernatural marker.

Believing that Silas is Stefan, Qetsiyah dance with Silas and once his powers are restored he compels Qetsiyah to reveal where the marker is.

Qetsiyah divulges that she doesn't know the location of the marker, as the Travelers hid it after they killed her and move it constantly, she is instead looking for an amulet that amplifies her powers.

Stefan revives from his most recent snapped-neck and snaps Damon's neck, rushing to save Qetsiyah from Silas. Retaliating, Qetsiyah crushes Silas' heart, though it won't kill him, it will cause him to rot from the inside out.

A tense conversation with Wes and Elena ends with him telling her to pack her bags, drop out of school and return to Mystic Falls, stating that they won't see each other again.

Meanwhile, Nadia shocks Katherine by telling her that Katherine did in fact killed her mother when she became a vampire as Nadia is Katherine's daughter.

With revenge on his mind, Tyler decides to go after Klaus and ends his relationship with Caroline, seemingly for good, in the process.

Damon and Elena use Katherine to bring Silas back as a witch, but despite being drained of blood, Katherine revives.

Katherine, who needs desperate help, goes after Caroline and asks for help. The two collide and go after professor Wes, of whom Caroline is suspicious, and try to find out his motives against vampires.

Elena who thinks Stefan is in danger goes to save him from Qetsiyah but ends up trapped as well. Damon and Jeremy help Silas find the anchor of the other side.

Qetsiyah reveals to Damon that the anchor is not an object, in fact it's Silas' lost love — Amara. Silas is able to free Amara but she attacks him and takes the cure.

Damon and Jeremy decide to take Amara to use her as leverage against Silas. Katherine replaces Elena and goes at a secret community where vampires are not allowed, the same community that professor Wes is being part of.

When they are done with Wes, Caroline compels him to think that Elena and her are not vampires. Qetsiyah brings Stefan's memories back when he frees Elena from the trap.

Meanwhile, Katherine starts suffering from the life as her hair starts becoming grey. Now that he got his memories back Stefan is on a mission to kill Silas so he could get his revenge.

Katherine realizes she is dying from having the cure taken from her. When Bonnie meets Amara, Amara shows that she can both see and touch her which she explains is because she is the anchor to the other side.

Damon and Elena realize that the only way they could get Bonnie back is by turning her as the anchor to the other side.

That's why Damon goes to Qetsiyah and ask if she can do the spell. Qetsiyah reveals that the only way the spell can be done is by getting Amara with Elena and Katherine together and getting a drop of their blood.

Katherine tells Qetsiyah that she will give her blood only if Qetsiyah helps her stop Katherine from aging, which Qetsiyah agrees.

When Qetsiyah starts the spell, Silas shows up. Qetsiyah is wounded and Amara is taken by Stefan to lure Silas. Before Silas can kill her, Stefan stops him and kills him.

Amara stabs and kills herself. Qetsiyah is able to return Bonnie and make her the anchor and then decides to kill herself. As she passes over to the Other Side, she reveals to Bonnie that by being the anchor, she will feel every death of every supernatural.

Meanwhile, Nadia tries to get on with Katherine who doesn't want to have anything to do with her. With Bonnie back, Elena and Caroline decide to throw a party, but Bonnie has problems by being the connection to the other side when supernatural creatures die and use her to move on.

Jesse, who is a new vampire has problems and asks Caroline for help. Even after killing Silas, Stefan has some trouble remembering everything that happened the past summer.

At the party, Elena sends Damon to take some questions from Wes about his vampire tests. Gregor reveals that his mission was to kill Silas and then go after Katherine and kill her.

Katherine stabs Matt with a special knife and Gregor's spirit is forced to leave his body. Wes reveals to Damon that Jesse was created to feed only from other vampires.

Damon is attacked by Jesse and Elena is forced to kill him in order to save Damon. Caroline is somewhat understanding, but nevertheless disappointed, believing Elena's relationship with Damon is affecting her judgement.

A desperate Katherine decides to jump out of the clock tower and kill herself but is saved by Stefan. While Bonnie and Jeremy make out Jesse appears, having to go through Bonnie.

Bonnie finally tells Jeremy what it means to be the Anchor to the Other Side. In the end, Bonnie says it's worth it and they have sex.

Wes reveals to Damon more about the blood tests and an organization named 'Augustine' which Damon remembers from his past.

Wes escapes his bonds and captures Damon. In the final scene, Damon is seen stuck in a cage with his initials carved on the walls.

Flashback to the , Damon is vervained. As Damon is caged in the present, Wes reveals his plans to use him as his next test object.

Stefan decides to look after Katherine, who is even more desperate now that she is dying. Elena asks for help from Aaron to find Wes.

Back in , Damon is experimented on by Dr. Caroline brings the safe Stefan spend three months under water in, so he could deal with his problems.

Wes is forced to vervain Elena and reveal the truth about vampires to Aaron in order to secure him.

When Elena is trapped by Wes in a cage she meets Damon, who tells her about The Whittemore family and how he survived. Damon reveals to Elena that with him was a man named Enzo.

Katherine comes up with the perfect idea that can help Stefan move on from his fear from the safe: Katherine got into the safe with him.

While Katherine works with Stefan through his real problem, Elena dumping him, Damon shares his past to Elena.

Enzo and Damon had come up with a plan to escape. Enzo gave Damon his daily ration of blood for a year and then at a party, Damon attacked the rest of the humans at the party.

A candle set the place on fire and Damon abandoned Enzo to die. Aaron confronts Elena about his family's deaths, and Damon reveals that as a part of his revenge, he killed all of the Whitmore family except one, preferring to wait for more generations to be born so he could continue his revenge.

Meanwhile, Caroline overhears Katherine and Stefan having sex. Aaron shoots Damon while Elena is taken away and meets Enzo, who is still locked up after all these years.

Damon manages to escape his cage while Katherine wakes up with Stefan to find her gray hair falling out. While Elena is trapped by Wes, who is continuing his research, Damon decides to ask Stefan for help in getting Elena back.

Damon comes up with a plan where they will offer to exchange Aaron to save Elena; if Wes doesn't give them Elena back they will kill Aaron.

Meanwhile, Katherine is having serious problems when aging becomes faster so she enlists Matt's help. Wes reveals to Elena that her father was a doctor practicing on vampires and using their blood to help other people.

Katherine continues to struggle with aging and enlists Matt to help her, who then calls Nadia. Damon is shocked when he meets his old friend Enzo who is not too pleased to see him.

Though Damon saves Enzo from Wes, the latter remains indignant with him, saying Damon will always be a monster. When Wes is on his way to turn Elena into a vampire ripper like Jesse, Stefan is able to save her.

Later on Damon ends his relationship with Elena when she tries to overlook his gritty past with the Whitmores.

Damon feels Elena should not have to make excuses for him, and sees her attempted resolve as only an indication of her changing. Nadia returns to Mystic Falls and tries to convince Katherine in becoming a traveler so she could live longer, which Katherine declines when she thinks Stefan has feelings for her.

Aaron tells Wes to leave him alone as he steals a vial from the lab. Katherine realizes that she was wrong about Stefan and decides to accept the deal, but just when she does she collapses.

Nadia is trying to save her dying mother, Katherine, and comes up with a frightening plan. Elena and Stefan are forced to help Nadia to enact her plan after Nadia threw Matt in the safe which Stefan spent the summer locked in.

Bonnie, Caroline and Jeremy search for Matt's location, but the returning Rebekah saves him. Katherine, who continues to fight for her life, remembers her time in Bulgaria back in Klaus also returns and confronts Caroline to admit her feelings for him; this later results in them sleeping together.

After Nadia leads them, Elena and Stefan are trapped in a house full of travelers who are doing an unknown ritual.

However, Elena and Stefan are able to escape, and later Elena goes to Katherine to forgive her for all the bad things that she did to her.

Tyler returns as well and he catches up with the group. Upon her speech, Katherine attacks Elena and finish the ritual, officially becoming a traveler in Elena's body.

In order to give Katherine permanent control over Elena's body, Nadia's friend Mia plans to cast a spell for which she needs to use Katherine's corpse.

However Damon has already buried it himself, in the tomb where Katherine was supposed to have been buried alive in the s. Katherine compels Matt to give her personal information about Elena so that she can impersonate her at Tyler's welcome home party, and hopefully learn the whereabouts of her corpse.

Caroline reveals to Katherine posing as Elena that she slept with Klaus, which Tyler overhears and becomes extremely angry and hurt.

Enzo brings Aaron Whitmore to Damon, who tells him to complete his killing streak and kill him just like his parents and grandparents , however Damon declines.

Katherine and Nadia are able to find Katherine's corpse, and then complete the spell. Later, Katherine possessing Elena breaks up with Damon, which angers Damon and causes him to attack Aaron in the final scene.

Katherine has her sights set on getting back Stefan and Wes on the other hand continues with his experiments. Stefan is uncomfortable with Damon's newly forged friendship with Enzo, who continues to hunt and is now looking for Wes.

In order to find Wes' location, Damon and Enzo confront Bonnie and want her to find a witch to make a spell to find Wes' location, and just to make sure Bonnie does that Enzo keeps Jeremy as a hostage.

Katherine then asks Nadia to search information about Enzo and who he is so she compels Matt but Tyler overhears it.

When Nadia found out that Tyler has overheard her conversation with Matt, she gets angry and attacks him. Jeremy is saved by Stefan and Katherine just in time, and when Damon and Enzo meet Wes they are attacked by a group of travellers.

Later it is revealed that Wes injected Damon with something and now Damon starts feeding on other vampires.

As Damon's behavior escalates from destructive to deadly, Stefan begins to regret their last conversation and decides to track Damon down and intervene.

Katherine, masquerading as Elena, decides to accompany him in hopes of sparking a relationship.

Wes enlists the Travelers to set a trap to keep Enzo and Damon trapped in a house until Damon has to feed on Enzo. Enzo calls Stefan for help, but Katherine picks up and decides to try and pit Stefan and Damon against each other.

Matt comes back with Nadia and tries to warn Caroline and Tyler, but Nadia compels him before he can. Caroline and Tyler confront Nadia, but don't get any answers from her or Matt.

He then takes Damon back to their basement and chains him up. Later, when Stefan tries to comfort a dejected Caroline, their conversation leads to them figuring out Katherine has taken over Elena's body.

Nadia is hallucinating from the werewolf bite back to her search for her mother and Katherine reaches out to Wes to try and save her.

Stefan and Caroline tell everyone about Katherine being a passenger in Elena's body. Tyler tells them that he bit Nadia so they have to come up with a plan to lure Katherine out, but Katherine figures out they know it's her.

Damon baits Tyler, feeds on him, knocks him out, and takes off to seek revenge on Dr. Katherine goes to find Wes, but instead finds him dead after Damon killed him.

Stefan takes Nadia back to the house and Bonnie comforts her, telling her she'll go to the Other Side, as Katherine comes to say good-bye to her daughter.

She gives Nadia a dream about what their life could have been like, had she not been taken away. Katherine tries to run, but she's stabbed and killed with the traveler's knife by Stefan.

Caroline and Tyler talk and come to a new understanding. Katherine's spirit goes to Bonnie and reveals she injected herself with a combination of werewolf venom and the ripper virus.

She then fails to go to the other side and goes to hell instead. Elena has a nightmare about having her body taken over and wakes up to find her dorm empty.

Stefan explains they had to lock her in her dorm after she'd been infected by the virus. Her first instinct is to call Damon but at the same time, Damon is trying to figure out how to tell Elena that he killed Aaron and also infected with the same virus.

Elena calls Damon while they are both trapped, but he doesn't tell her. While going through Dr. Wes' files, Caroline discovers that Dr Wes combined the werewolf venom from Nadia's blood with the vampire killing virus, and is surprised when Enzo appears, claiming to have an antidote for the virus, but needs Stefan in order for her to get it.

Bonnie works with Liv on teaching her spells. Elena reads her diary that Katherine wrote in and hallucinates Stefan with Katherine and stopping him from doing anything else.

Damon shows up in her hallucination but she snaps out of it as blood drips from her nose. Stefan, Caroline, and Enzo go to see the Travelers who have the antidote for Damon's virus and are working on one for Elena's.

They want to find another Stefan doppelgänger. They perform a spell on Stefan as well as drain some blood.

Elena continues to hallucinate and imagines Aaron being dead. Luke, Elena's 'friend' shows up and she almost turns him, but instead compels him to find Bonnie.

Bonnie and Liv show up where Elena is unraveling and stabs her, telling her to drop the seal on the dorm. Damon shows up and gives her Stefan's blood and tells Elena about killing Aaron.

Die beiden werden wieder ein Read article. Nur noch eine Staffel wird es von Vampire Diaries geben. Auch Enzo geht in die Gruft und wird von einem Wesen in die The Minds Film gezogen. Enzo rettete Bonnie vor der Waffenkammergab ihr die magieunterdrückenden Tabletten und versteckte sie in einer Waldhütte. Klaus hat das Ziel, eine Hybridenarmee zu schaffen, was ihm ohne Elena, welche er für tot hält, jedoch nicht möglich ist. Stefan Salvatore taucht als neuer Schüler an deren Highschool auf und fasziniert Elena sofort. Smith Romanvorlage.

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